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Motivations For Resurrect

After several years in the fleet flying off aircraft carriers, my flight-school roommate and good friend was killed in a crash. After learning that the accident that claimed his life kills 60% of all tactical jet pilots I designed a new altitude warning system that used peripheral vision cues to subconsciously trigger a pilot's "fear of falling" reaction and "scare" the pilot into reacting. It worked, received a government patent and was ranked #1 for DARPA funding. 

After leaving the Navy, I studied cataclysmic disasters and realized pilots weren't the only ones who needed warning. As a society we're amazingly good at ignoring things that can kill us. What if we could identify the most dangerous threats to humanity and "scare" ourselves into reacting. From this, the Fuzed (formerly Resurrect) Series was born.

A love of science, combined with brushes with death, tends to drive metaphysical thought. Physics has reached the point where some of its tenets are so non-intuitive they approach what most of us would have considered the realm of the spiritual in the past. Science and religion have collided for centuries. At the cutting-edge of science, could they one day intersect?


Special Thanks

These stories hinge on the expertise of many, from physicists to philosophers, editors to authors, literary agents to federal agents. A huge thanks to my Liteary Agent Terry Burns and my publishers Tony Collins and Noelle Pederson. I'm also grateful to my talented editors, Normandie Fischer, Ryan Deken and Jenny Ward. A huge thanks to the subject matter experts who gave generously of their time, talent and knowledge. Special thanks to Fred Miller for his time and wisdom and Garrett Johnson for his video artistry. Also want to thank some of the most brilliant scientists in their fields :Dr. Ed Lu, Dr. Adrian Melott, Dr. Bill Napier, Dr. Carolyn Shoemaker and Dr. Joe Veverka. I also want to thank astronaut Ken Bowersox, Admiral Joe Dyer, Assistant DA Amy Hunter, Police Chief Jay Jost, tactical pilots Chris Boblit and Jim Roberts, Dr. Tom Bosy, Winston Broad, Reed DeVries, Nikko Dutton, Stuart Frisch, Tommy Harper, John Marshall, Cherry and Jerry Meadows, Nick Nickles, Dan Smith and Scott Straub. A few remain unnamed, due to the dangerous work they do to keep the world safe. I also want to thank the many awesome reviewers, authors, friends and family who helped me craft a better story.