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Resurrect Reviews

ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year and 2014 Epic Award Winner for Best Action Adventure

“What more could you ask for in an action adventure!” 

- Ken Bowersox, International Space Station Commander and Hall of Fame Astronaut

"Fascinating ... technically accurate and frighteningly plausible." - Professor Joe Veverka, Harvard Astrophysicist, NASA Stardust Mission

"Thrilling ... can only come from someone who's 'been there done that.'"  - Admiral Joe Dyer, former Chief Test Pilot of the Navy, COO iRobot

“... perhaps it won’t be long before his novels are sitting next to Tom Clancy and Dan Brown.” 

- Sam Hailes, British Journalist

“Highlights a real-life threat facing all of us, and packages it into a highly entertaining action adventure.” - Dr. Ed Lu, astronaut, B612 Foundation CEO


Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Epic Award Winner

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Resurrect's Dark Comet Discovered by NASA?

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Weather Channel's Jim Cantore appears in Book 2

Sunday, September 01, 2013

ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year!

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